Breath Sessions

A full session includes a 20-30 min talk session about what it is you'd like the intention to be with your breathe, followed by the interactive breath session of 45-60min, and finally integration time.

Typically, I reserve 2 hours for a full session.  Sessions can be shorter or longer depending on the individual's intention, energy, and schedule.  We can tailor the session to your needs. 

Rates:   Full two hour session - $120

Substance Use Counseling 

  • Evaluations:  I offer evaluations for  DEEP (Certified for Maine OUIs)  and Probation.  
  • Treatment:  Client centered individual outpatient treatment.  My approach recognizes both the benefit of 12-Step programs and that they do not work for everyone.   
  • Family Treatment:  I offer support and education for family members and friends of those afflicted with substance use disorders. 
  • Education:  Do you have questions?  Are you concerned about your own or someone else's substance use?   We can discuss in a private, confidential, and relaxed atmosphere.  

Rates:  60min session - $85     MaineCare accepted for substance use services.

Note on Rates

I feel strongly that money should not get in the way of people accessing the help that they need.   I am happy to negotiate a rate that is affordable to those who are genuinely in need.   Give me a call!

 (Please note that this applies to treatment not evaluations.)