I am passionate about creating a safe space for people to first feel and then clear the pains of the past. What I love about breathwork is that - it works! - it gets to the root of things  the mind and ego would rather just avoid.  

  I have trained with different breath practitioners and have been working with the breath for over 20 years. I have worked in the field of traditional substance abuse counseling for the past 11 years and am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. I am always furthering my education - both traditional by working on my master's degree and non-traditional by exploring the power of sacred circles. If you have found yourself "stuck" in old patterns, or would just like to infuse your life with new vitality, then I invite you to try a breathwork session! I am also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and offer counseling and assessments for individuals with substance use concerns and their loved ones. I am DEEP certified - offering evaluations and treatment for individuals who have had an OUI.